Is A Four Day Work Week Practical?


In the aftermath of widespread lockdowns worldwide, the concept of a four-day work week has gathered significant attention. Scotland’s announcement of its trial in September 2021 brought the idea to the forefront, while there were successful experiments in various countries, such as Iceland and Microsoft’s Japan subsidiary, showcased potential benefits, including improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Is it time we started to seriously consider this concept?


While transitioning to a four-day work week might be relatively straightforward for office-based companies, it presents more significant challenges for industries like retail, energy, transport, and emergency services, which operate on 24-hour schedules or irregular shifts. Finding solutions to accommodate these varying needs, whether through compressed workweeks, staggered shifts, or increased flexibility in scheduling, is essential to ensure equitable work-life balance for all employees. Additionally, not all businesses have the luxury of closing operations for an entire day each week.


Managing staffing levels and ensuring operational continuity, particularly in industries where on-site presence is necessary, requires significant planning and coordination, therefore the output mut warrant the additional input. The idea of a four-day work week may initially suggest shorter work hours and improved work-life balance, the reality may require employees to work longer hours on the days they are in the office to compensate for the shorter work week. Alternatively, the pressure to meet deadlines within a condensed timeframe may lead to increased stress and longer working hours, potentially undermining the intended benefits of the shorter work week. 


Public facing industries may also face significant challenges in maintaining service levels and meeting customer demands if operations are reduced to four days a week. Therefore, we have to consider balancing the interests of employees and customers to ensure a successful transition to a shorter work week while maintaining operational efficiency and service quality.


We believe that the idea of a four-day work week holds promise for improving productivity and work-life balance and we should be following countries who are ahead of this trend and assess these challenges thoughtfully and proactively. Remember when home working was a one-day a week privilege, how the tables have turned!

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